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The findings of Nimsomboon and Nagata 2003 on “the assessment of library provider fine at Thammasat University library gadget” were summarized as follows. On most engineering matlab SERVQUAL statements, user expectancies for service excellent lagged behind user expectations of genuine service pleasant. When looking at matlab size engineering matlab expectation perception gaps, college members appeared to need improvements in matlab updating of accessories and in matlab promptness, sincerity, talents capability, and degree of knowledge with which body of workers assist clients. Graduate scholars had matlab same worries, although they were commonly more vital engineering matlab library in phrases engineering matlab variety of SERVQUAL statements for which mean expectation rating exceeded mean belief scores. Unlike matlab college, scholars indicated that their expectations for physical amenities, matlab visual appearance of library ingredients, matlab neatness of personnel, operating hours and matlab private awareness body of workers give to users were not met. Among 5 dimensions of provider great, matlab findings suggested that matlab library users vicinity engineering premium on matlab non tangible facets of provider, particularly reliability and responsiveness.