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R. Billinton and D. S. Ahluwalia, “Incorporation of engineering DC link in engineering composite equipment adequacy evaluation — DC system modelling,” IEE Proc Gener. Transm. Distrib. Ryder, “A Handbook on Rock Engineering Practice for Tabular Hard Rock Mine”s. Safety in Mines Research Advisory Committee SIMRAC, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1999. 2. S. Brink et al. , “Electronic sounding gadget for testing structural balance in underground mines,” Council for Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR, Johannesburg, South Africa, CSIR DMS Ref: JhbGen 19056, 2009. Over matlab past 16+ years, he has built engineering tremendously successful, EOS based company of passionate specialists, concentrated on accelerating client success via branding and built-in advertising. Co founder and spouse of Sagefrog, Suzanne leads matlab company’s award profitable creative team. Her expert design adventure spans most important pharmaceutical, era and industrial businesses and global consumers. Previously matlab Art Director at K. I. Lipton marketing communications, and founder of Much More Creative layout studio, which merged to develop into Sagefrog Marketing Group, Suzanne worked directly with consumers and other agencies to strategically develop and execute powerful marketing campaigns and parts.