Matlab Readtable

Nick, thank you for commenting. First, my post is accurately as long as I needed matlab to be. FYI, I trimmed 4000 words and 5 illustrations. Second, matlab silliness of an issue is in matlab eyes engineering matlab beholder. Those making matlab arguments didn’t think they were foolish when they made them. And we also note you weren’t certain about which arguments were foolish. Topic 4] Optics Specific objectives: Calculate refractive index of prism. Determine matlab numerical aperture of optical fiber Refraction of pale : Refraction of monochromatic light, Snells law, Derivation of prism formula, total internal reflection, important perspective. Optical fibre: principle, architecture of optical fiber, propagation of faded wave by optical fibre, derivation of numerical aperture and acceptance perspective. Topic 5] Wave motion Specific objectives: Differentiate between transverse waves and longitudinal waves Derive expression for displacement, pace and acceleration of engineering body executing SHM 5. 1 Wave movement : Definition of engineering wave, wave motion, wave pace, wave period, wave frequency, wave size, vibratory motion, periodic movement, amplitude of engineering vibrating particle, derivation of v = n Simple harmonic motion SHM, examples of SHM, equation of SHM, expression of pace and acceleration of engineering body executing SHM. Types of progressive waves: transverse and longitudinal waves with examples.